12/11/07: A bunch of videos from Oh! Be Joyful's most recent live show are on YouTube: New Management, Forget the Weather, I Can't Play Guitar, Welcome Freshmen. Take a look!
10/20/07: Two videos from Flora and Fauna's last live show are now online. Go here.
10/2/07: Check out Flora and Fauna's last show this Saturday, October 6th at 8:00pm at the Current Canyon Festival in downtown Baltimore.
8/29/07: A new blog that will feature much Mobile Lounge Music has started. It's the sort of thing that can be checked daily, unlike this site, which only gets updated when significant things happen to the Mobile Lounge universe, which is rarely. Go to:
8/29/07: Oh! Be Joyful will play its first show ever on October 19th, with Philadelphia's Josh Olmstead Band, at the Current Gallery in Baltimore.
8/29/07: Flora and Fauna has been booked to play an outdoor festival in Baltimore on October 6th. There is little information about this event, but stay tuned for more info.
7/29/07: Check out two superawesome live shows this week: Flora and Fauna on August 1st in Baltimore and The Art Department on August 4th in DC. Go here for more info.
4/12/07: R. Stevie Moore has sent the Mobile Lounge Offices his album, Hear Lies, and it is now available for order. As of now, they will be hand-made, made-to-order CDs, but once more money begins to flow, a more fancy and official looking CD will be available. Order it here.
3/29/07: A MySpace profile for the upcoming Mobile Lounge release is up and running, featuring trax for free. The album is a compilation of semi-fictitious bands, with one thing in common... To find out what that is, go to The album will feature The Hypnic Jerks and Cell Abrasion, among many others.
3/29/07: The Art Department CD package is approaching completion. For those who are not satified with mere mp3s, contact us to order one. For the other sane individuals who are satiated with the mp3s, expect a new AD album to be completed within the year's end.
1/20/07: The new Oh! Be Joyful album is completed and up on the site. Check it out here. The album is called Sophomores Are Easy, which is clever. Expect more singing along than your sing-along can sing along to. Yes.
1/11/07: The Mobile Lounge will be adding two new artists to the lineup in upcoming weeks. The first will be an exclusive release from legend R STEVIE MOORE entitled HEAR LIES. Moore is one of the pioneers in home recording, as he has been making an unfathomable amount of music since the '70s. For more information on this amazing artist, go to allmusic or other sites, and see the gushing reviews and biographies. He is a hero, in short.

The other artist being added is the long lost Royal Regents. The Regents were the top party band of Miami in the 1960s. While most songs are covers, the 1964 record reminds us that bands used to be FUN and that people used to actually dance. The album, recorded during the band's high school junior year, had to be laid down in one session, non-stop. The result is a long lost classic from the era before acid and pretentiousness took the music world by storm.
12/10/06: The Art Department will be playing a double header on Tuesday, December 12th, in Baltimore. First, they will play a set at the Sidebar at 9pm. Immediately following this, they will go across the street and play the Talking Head club, at approximately 10:30. It should be a fun night to get double-teamed by the greatest pop band in the world.
11/8/06: The Art Department show has been rescheduled for this Sunday the 12th at the Talking Head. They will be playing with Pleaseeasaur (Comedy Central Records) and Joe Jack Talcum (of the Dead Milkmen).
10/30/06: The Talking Head cancelled the show on us. I don't know what to say about the issue other than "fuck."
10/30/06: There are videos for the most recent Art Department performance on YouTube: "I can only testify just once" and "Rock and Roll."
10/30/06: There is a new Art Department music video on YouTube. It's for "What's that writing on the Wall?" We got the chance to use a nicer camera for this one. I hope you enjoy it!
9/18/06: There is a potential new Mobile Lounge artist. See the Cell Abrasion page for more details.
9/18/06: A follow-up to Oh! Be Joyful's debut album is expected shortly. 12 songs. Kick-ass.
9/17/06: The Ygriega Project will now be known as The Failed Ygriega. Check the page for more details.
8/20/06: In case anyone has missed this monumental bit of news, the Ygriega Project had added tunes for August a few weeks ago. Check them out for more Lo-Fi fun.
7/1/06: The first ever Mobile Lounge music videos are on YouTube: "We Got the Distances All Wrong" and "Be Complacent" by The Art Department. Enjoy!
7/1/06: Due to technical difficulties, the Ygriega Project is on hold. I tried to record without the usual equipment, but it did not turn out well at all. It will resume ASAP.
6/22/06: There are newly added Sword Swallow and Art Department songs that complete their back catalog. Listen if you haven't heard them already.
6/1/06: We are still waiting on the animation from the Pizza War, as minor legal issues are impeding the arrival. I recommend that you brush up on learning the tunes to the Pizza War, so that once the animation is out, you'll be able to sing along with all of the words. If you ask me, that's better than a live performance anyday.
6/1/06: The second batch of Ygriega Project tunes are up. I couldn't finish 10 brand new songs, so I put up a few older, unreleased tracks. I guess that's cheating...but that's how I got through high school, so it should help me here.
6/1/06: Look at the Forum. Post!
5/1/06: The debut batch of Ygriega Project songs are up. There are 10 as promised. Check em out and let me know what you think.
4/20/06: The Pizza War animation is completed. Of course, none of us have seen it yet. Once it arrives by aeromail, and we have a rock opera blow-out screening, it will be up online, either here or on another site, which we will link to from here. Either way, fans of animated rock operas about intergalactic pizza chains owned by vicious aliens who battle over business while a vice principal from earth attempts to save the universe will probably be satisfied by this incredible product.
4/20/06: Repelican is back!....kinda. The newest Mobile Lounge undertaking is the next evolution in the recorded Repelican, called Repelican: The Ygriega Project. This new project is a fresh take on Mobile Lounge distribution that utilizes the website. Check out the page for more information!
4/20/06: Check out our Boston syndicate headed by Justin Shapiro (Sizewise) and Dan Moreno:
4/1/06: The new Sword Swallow album is finished, with songs that are not available on the website.
Order it now!
2/20/06: The completed Art Department album is in the process of being packaged. It will be ready for release very soon, so if you're interested in a copy, email me or order it on the site. Certain tracks will be available on CD only.
2/20/06: Check out the updated site!
2/20/06: The Art Department has a new live lineup, ready and looking for shows. Check 'em out when they come by.

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