Mike Meno really likes pop, and he recorded these bright, acoustic gems with his buddy Keith Petrower. Oh! Be Joyful's first album, O.B.Joyful, was written by Mike Meno, produced by Keith Petrower, and recorded in January 2006.

Bass tracks on "Look So Small," "Need to Know," "Under My Skin," and "Love on TV" by Jake Nabel. Back-up vocals on "New Management" and "Need to Know" by Katy Molinaro. Recorded with ProTools.

Oh! Be Joyful's second album is properly titled Sophomores Are Easy and was released in January 2007. The seemingly straightforward pop mentality of these songs is coupled with intelligent, sometimes metaphorical, sometimes just plain old silly lyrics. Either way, they always end up striking a truthful chord that most anyone who has loved and/or lost can relate to. All of these songs were written by Mike Meno and produced by Keith Petrower. Also featured on this album are Aaron Rheingold on guitar and Mobile Lounge artists Owen Gardner and Jonathan Ehrens on bass.

If you are a girl and Mike is playing these songs for you, he's probably hitting on you. If you're not down with that, you should tell him. But please, be gentle.