The Ygriega Project is the latest evolution of the Repelican lineage. In this project, the Repelican will post 10 new songs every month, right here, exclusively on this website (and the old ones will be archived). That's like a new Repelican EP/LP every month! While the quality of these cannot be determined as of yet, it is safe to say that some tracks will shine above the others (like older Repelican), so a Best of the Ygriega Project will be compiled after several months of internet releases. Of course, if this project becomes burdensome, if the music is unlistenable or there is lack of interest, this project may be aborted. But let's hope that it becomes a success and the music maintains integrity.

UPDATE: Well, for anyone who pays attention to this project, it must be apparent that I have FAILED at my original intention. When the idea came to me, I never thought that my inventory of unrecorded and unreleased songs would dry up. But here we are, and I am completely OUT of songs--at least out of good songs. So, I think these 3 months worth of songs are going to be the last with a self-imposed deadline. But the project will continue. I will simply record when I have songs and will put up 10 at a time upon their completion, but at no specific time. Still, the project was somewhat of a failure, therefore the project will herein be referred to as the FAILED YGRIEGA. Thanks for not holding it against me.

* May 2006: There Have Been Visitors

* June 2006: The Weather in Repelican Run